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Did you know that when it comes down to it, there are only 3 steps to building a successful evergreen funnel. And one of those steps is actually a completely crucial secret step, that most people don’t know about… One that cannot be skipped (not if you want your funnel to work anyway!) It starts […]

You all know how much I love funnels. How they are my favourite thing to talk about, and help people with. How they have completely changed my own business for the better in every way. How I believe that they are one of the most powerful tools in a solopreneurs toolbox, right? Well, as Spiderman’s […]

3 Reasons your funnel flopped and how to fix them

So everyone told you you needed a funnel (you do) And you tried it (well done!) But it was, well a bit of a flop (bugger)… And now you think funnels suck. Or that you just suck at funnels. Or that it’s all just too hard, and you are off chasing the next shiny new […]

 “Launching vs Evergreen Funnels… which one will REALLY work best for your business?” So you keep hearing people (OK, mostly me), banging on about how you “need a funnel”. How it will “change you life”, “even out your income”, “stop you stressing” and “give you back your life” But… how does it work, really? […]



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