"After blogging forever, to finally have a reliable way of making money doing something I love is life-changing. And I would never have done it without Kate and her advice"


"Kate is a masterful woman who knows her stuff, she teaches easy to implement strategies that drive true profits. From Kate's suggestions, we've driven tens of thousands of dollars of profits using simple, easy to implement tweaks, all thanks to Kate!"

Jenna Kutcher, www.jennakutcher.com

people say the nicest things...

“With the help of Kate and her advice, I have rebranded and relaunched my site, doubled my traffic and started building a mailing list… all in less than 2-months”

RANI, You TOTALLy got this

"You literally have changed my life and I'm so glad that I signed up.  My writing and blog material has changed so much for the better and it has given me the ability to dream big and the tools to actually achieve those dreams.  I recommend this to everyone!"

Life Changing

"After blogging for 3 years, this course was the kick in the ass I needed. It opened my eyes to how SEO works and not only that but also enabled me to monetise my blog and actually make my blog pay for itself. Before SBB I was just about covering costs but now I'm actually making a profit."

A Kick In The Ass!

ANGELIQUE , eroswrites.com

Niahm, loveniamh.com

"Since working with Kate I have launched my first challenge and doubled my traffic! Her trainings are FANTASTIC!!"


"Upon making just some of the changes Kate recommended, I saw my traffic soar from less than 10,000 visits per month to nearly 50,000 in just a few months!"


Clara, blisslifestylecollection.com

"Kate makes building a viable online business that I love from a faraway fantasy to an achievable, do-able reality. And you don't have to be a super-advanced, techie geek to get there. Yes, it's hard work, but this course has made it so easy and fun."

easy + Fun

paige, blonderful.com

"SBB is the most amazing and eye-opening experience I have been a part of. Working in Public Relations, I thought I knew the ins and outs of blogging from both sides of the fence. This course not only showed that I didn't even know half of it! " 

eye opening

"I knew I was ready to take my blog to the next level, but was not sure how to do it. SBB changed my approach and way of thinking. They really pushed me to re-examine my blog and I quickly saw what was working and what wasn't."

caroline, styleontheside.com

Kate killed it in this course! So grateful I made the investment which at first felt like a lot and now I pinch myself for not investing in myself sooner - it has changed the way I look at investing in my business, a small drop in the bucket compared to what you could possibly earn.

Kate's course gave me the skills, confidence and drive to create a product that is not only profitable but packed with value that I'm incredibly proud of. 


"I literally started my blog in week one and I cannot believe how much I've achieved in the few short weeks thus far. 
Kate is down-to-earth, supportive and knows everything there is to know about creating a successful blog that not only creates revenue but also creates value for your readers. 





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