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"Kate, LOVE your programs. Having sales come in on autopilot still blows my mind!!" 

Emily, marketing  + branding expert 

Emily was launching her very first online community, and didn't want to waste all her time LIVE launching...

... now she has over 70 community members, and loves the freedom of making sales on autopilot!

Meet Emily

"This time last year I made $149 from my membership, since working with Kate I have added thousands to my list, and last month I made $12K totally on autopilot!"

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Heidi,  fertility coach

Heidi was sick of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on expensive experts and coaches... and never getting results. 

Just a few weeks after setting up her $5k Funnel Formula system, she's making more sales than she ever has before.. all without launching! 

Meet Heidi

and she just sent me this!

and PS.... she sent me this March 10th!

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"Best month EVER!
3 x last month, which was my previous best month ever 🤣. And every, single sale is through my new funnel!"

Kylie - nutritionist, health coach + author 

Kylie had been trying to move from 1:1 work to an online program for months, but something just wasn't clicking...

... we helped her nail her offer, create a killer webinar, automate the lot, and then start scaling with our simple DIY Facebook ads plan, and now...

Meet Kylie

when does it start?

Your eCourse Empire access begins right away (you can even jump into our next weekly call!).

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Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

As long as you complete all your agreed payments, you will have life-time access to all three of my signature programs (which you unlock as part of the eCourse Empire program).

And you will also have access to our Facebook group, and weekly support calls, and any other events for as long as you are a current, paying member of the eCourse Empire mastermind (which is a minimum of 12-months)

So, long story short, you have as long as you need to complete the course work (and many people come back and revisit it, again and again.


Q: How much extra will I need to spend?

As you know,  we don't recommend wasting your money on FB ads until your course or Funnel is making sales from free traffic . 

Also, technology wise, that is really up to you, but we have options that start from as little as $38 a month (for all the tech you need).

And we also have wrangled a bunch of extra-long free trials for lots of programs too, so you can get started, and get sales coming in, with very little extra cost!


Q: How much support + feedback do I get really?

honestly, a tonne! Our students are always blown away by not only the amount of support, but the speed they get their questions answered too. 

This program was created by someone who really loves helping people with solving this problem, and who really gives a shit about helping them succeed too (that's me!), so I probably over-deliver on the support side of things, but that is why my students get such awesome results! 


HOW QUICKLY CAN I expect to see results?

It really all depends on you, but I have created this program with speed of results in mind, and many of our students start to see some awesome results as quickly as just 2 weeks. 



No. You’re here because you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels – getting little or no results. If you have the option of an easy way out with a money back guarantee, you’re not fully committing to going after different results in your business. We only want people who are 100% committed to staying the course to achieve their quarterly goals. And believe me, you won’t want your money back.


Q: WHat if I don't even have a program or course to sell yet?

Well then my friend this program is still for you. And the very first thing we will help you do (as well as adding thousands of new subscribers to your list) is to   go and get your first offer created and successfully SOLD first.

 That's your step one, then once that is done we move onto the next steps like webinars, marketing, funnels and more.


"In the space of only 4 weeks my business I went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks! ”

vesna hrsto, $5k Funnel Formula student + naturopath

Vesna had been trying to sell her online course ... for 4 years! 

Then she tried my simple funnel formula and after a few weeks is making 80 sales a month (every month)... totally on autopilot!

Meet Vesna

By completely automating her online course sales with my system she's been able to grow her team, invest in improving her program even more, stop stressing about her marketing, pay off her debt, get her customers even better results...

... all while making sales every single day...

... and take (several) holidays, too!

because we are so hands-on, we only accept a handful of new members at a time... so don't miss your chance!

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+ then 51 easy x weekly payments of $97 after that




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