After ditching her journalism career several years ago, Nikki Parkinson started an online, personal styling business and accidentally became one of the most successful (and accessible) style bloggers in Australia. She also really knows her shit when it comes to dominating the internet. You run one of the most successful and business savvy style blogs […]

It’s the dream right? To start a blog (on something you are crazy passionate about), to have that blog grow steadily, and then maybe in a year or two you can quit your job because your blog now makes way more than your day-job ever did (and it’s way more fun too). But why stop there? […]

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I asked some of my SBB members the other day, what is the one BIG thing that is holding them back right now. And besides from the usual, not enough time and not enough money issues, there was another rather popular complaint. “I don’t want to spend the time or money (which I already don’t […]

I got asked an awesome question in recent Live Chat I held with some of my Bloggers MBA students (OK it was this morning… ), and the reason it is such an awesome question is because it is what everyone is really thinking, and no one is actually saying. And I love shit like that. The […]



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