You know how everyone says you need to blog regularly, and consistently? But for most of us the only thing regular or consistent about how we blog is that there is no consistency to it at all. Hey, no shame in it (I am guilty of this as well). But I made a pledge to myself […]

Want to know how you can get better at being your own boss? A lot of bloggers make the mistake of not thinking of themselves as being the boss of their business. This is because they may not even fully be thinking of their blog as a business yet. It’s true there are a lot of […]

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How to monetise your blog  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one simple answer to this? I wish there was a ‘this is exactly what steps you need to take to be guaranteed to make lots and lots of cash from your blog’ sort of formula. However, the reality of it is a bit more complex. I […]

My two minute guide to repurposing blog content You know how sometimes, when you are creating content for your blog, newsletter or social media, how sometimes all the stars align, the words just flow, and you manage to tap into something special (for whatever reason), because that particular post or newsletter just … goes… off!? […]

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