Every day, our Blog Squad beauties are working hard and achieving great things for their blogs and online businesses and we love to shout about how amazing they are. Once a month, we pick one member from Blog Squad who has been kicking a** all month and they share their story and awesome advice with […]

Organise your business

Usually, around this time of year, (even if you’re not in the southern hemisphere) is when people can start to feel a little bit meh about their business. You start finding yourself procrastinating more. You start looking at that to-do list and thinking, “Do I really want to do all this, this year? Is that […]

How to monetise your blog  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one simple answer to this? I wish there was a ‘this is exactly what steps you need to take to be guaranteed to make lots and lots of cash from your blog’ sort of formula. However, the reality of it is a bit more complex. […]

How do you hold yourself accountable -when you work for yourself!

Does this sound familiar. Its a Monday. You’re feeling super organised. You’ve mapped out what you need to do, and when, and you’re all on track. But then what happens? Life does. Something takes longer than you think. Or something comes up. Or you just lose steam half-way. And then suddenly it’s the NEXT week […]

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