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My #1 List Building Secret Are you growing your list right now? Or trying to? Or maybe it’s just on your to-do list? Either way, before you waste another second (or another dollar) on that list of yours, you need to know this! Because it’s highly likely that you are missing one very vital piece […]

3 Ways to Double Your Next Launch What if I could tell you I know THREE super simple ways for you to get more sales in your next launch (even up to double your normal sales) …without any sleazy sales tricks …without needing a bigger list …without spending any more money …without any tricky or expensive […]

How to create a profitable funnel without the perfect launch Hold up! ✋Are you putting off creating a funnel for your course, because you think everything needs to be working perfectly… or at least “working pretty well”… first? 😳 Eeek… I hate to break it to you. But that’s not how it works! Because the […]

So everyone told you you needed a funnel (you do) And you tried it (well done!) But it was, well a bit of a flop (bugger)… And now you think funnels suck. Or that you just suck at funnels. Or that it’s all just too hard, and you are off chasing the next shiny new […]

 “Launching vs Evergreen Funnels… which one will REALLY work best for your business?” So you keep hearing people (OK, mostly me), banging on about how you “need a funnel”. How it will “change you life”, “even out your income”, “stop you stressing” and “give you back your life” But… how does it work, really? […]

 “But people won’t buy from me unless I am live!” Now I know some of you are thinking that funnels sound all well and good… BUT they just won’t work for YOU… because you HAVE to be live or people just won’t buy. Well… I hate to break it to you (actually no I […]

 3 ways to tell if your course is ready for a evergreen funnel So first up everyone tells you “you HAVE to create an online course” Words like “passive income” and “earn $$ in your sleep” are thrown around like confetti. So, of course, you do. You’re not crazy, all those things sound awesome. […]

We’ve all heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches”. Which is all well and good, but what if you ALREADY have a product, offer or business that is currently a bit “broad” and while you’d love to have more cut-through, more leads, more engagement and more sales. You REALLY don’t want to have […]

Today I want talk to you about launching. I know that this is something that you’ve tried, and it hasn’t really gone to plan. Or you’re thinking about trying and you’re just terrified that it’s going to be a total flop, total waste of time and money. And these are common fears, and it’s really […]

4 Productivity Tips for a Crazy Productive 2018 There are three things I am pretty well known for. 1 – Being the tallest person in the room. 2 – Being able to make inappropriate jokes about anything. 3 – Being the planning queen. I take my planning so seriously that I even created my own […]

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