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3 Top Tips to Sell Without Sleaze

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To sell without sleaze is the ultimate goal right?

You know you need to market your business (you’ve gotta eat right?!), but the thought of asking people to buy what you’re selling leaves you feeling a bit gross.

There is no way you want to turn into that sleazy seller who puts on the hard sell and pressures people into buying what you’re offering.

3 Top Tips to Sell Without Sleaze

But what if I let you in on a little secret? A way to sell your offer with…

🚫 Absolutely no hard sells

🚫 Zero pressuring people to buy what you’re offering

🚫 No place for “bro marketing”

Selling minus the sleaze.

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Read on my friend, here are my top 3 tips to sell online in a sleaze-free way…

1. Caring + honesty isn’t part of sleazy selling

Firstly if you’re reading this, and feel afraid that you’ll come across as a sleazeball in any way – you won’t. The people out there doing the stuff that makes your skin crawl, they don’t even care in the slightest if they come across as sleazy. If you care – you can’t sell with sleaze – so take that as a win straight up!

Honesty is always the best policy. There is no need to lie or to fake things (such as saying it’s a live webinar when it’s pre-recorded) – people are smart enough to see straight through it.

So if you actually care and you’re not lying at any point = no sleaze to be had!


2. Believe in your offer so much that you are excited to sell it

To sell minus the sleaze, you actually have to love your offer. To be so excited about what you’re selling because you deeply know that it’s packed full of value and you trust that it will help the people who buy it.

If you’re starting out with your offer…instead of skipping straight to marketing tactics and trying to sell, sell, sell…take the time make sure what you’re selling is as awesome as possible. Gather testimonials and document the transformations and results of your customers.

That will help you sell (without the sleaze) because you KNOW what you’re doing is worthwhile and valuable because you have those results as proof. You’ll be speaking from a place of deep belief because your customers achieved the results you promised!

3. You will never be sleazy if you lead with the value exchange

My lucky last little tip on how to make sure that you’re selling sleaze-free is to find the right balance of giving value. The value exchange between yourself and your customers is that you’re exchanging what you know, your systems, and the results you can help them get for their time and money. This must always be fair and feel good for both sides!

You need to be out there giving value – in the form of killer content, showing up for your audience, running awesome free challenges and having amazing opt-ins – all year round!

So when it comes to selling your offer, you’re not just showing up and expecting a sale straight up. Creating consistent content allows you to build connection and trust with your audience in a way that entices them to take the next step (aka pay you money) without feeling like it’s all a sales pitch.

By doing this, there’s no way you could come across as sleazy! You’re a person with something to offer that is valuable and you’re offering it to people in a way that is authentic and pressure and stress free. So if they’re in the right place and they want that help, they will snap up your offer.

How to sell minus the sleaze

Selling most certainly does not have to be sleazy – simply use these 3 tips to guide you and you won’t need to feel icky about selling.

You can build your business AND do it authentically – without the need to resort to sleazy tactics in the name of making money.

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